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actechtd: cad/cam solutions, automotive, boat, aeronautical, upholstery

"We are proud to announce our new collaboration with the Austrian partner STEIN-MOSER GmbH Bischofshofen, leading manufacturer of waterjet cutting systems , for the distribution worldwide of their products by integrating our own software for different applications."
With more than 20 years of experience, STM is a strong and reliable manufacturer of waterjet cutting systems specifically suitable to cut a wide range of technical materials and composites.

Aristo Graphic System.
"We have reached an agreement with the our partner ARISTO Graphic Systeme GmbH Hamburg, leading manufacturer of multifunctional flatbed cutters to commercialize their products in the European markets."

ARISTO, founded in 1862, is today the leading German manufacturer for large format, computer-controlled flatbed machines for use in signmaking, digital diecutting as well as in the packaging, textile and leather industries.

Korium - The System.
Ergonomic and versatile, the system can supplied as on-line or off-line version based on type of production. Scanning, nesting, cutting, controlling.

Korium is a CNC-cutting system, specifically designed for managing the whole cutting process of leather.

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Genesis Laser.
Combined Laser and Blade cutting for the composites industry. 

The Genesis Laser platform carrying our 100watt powered unit is perfect for customers looking to cut cleanly and accurately and at the same time perfectly sealing the edge of the material.

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