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Combined Laser and Blade cutting for the composites industry.

CadVision system acquisition dime
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The Genesis Laser platform carrying our 100watt powered unit is perfect for customers looking to cut cleanly and accurately and at the same time perfectly sealing the edge of the material.

Across the world in the Sail making, parachute, aerospace and automotive airbag industries as well as the quality leisure clothing world the Genesis is becoming the machine of choice.

The Laser unit itself has a quality and reliability second to none, we offer the most efficient unit within a lighter mass than alternative manufacturers enabling us to carry the unit on the gantry with no reduction in speed and movement.

CadVision system acquisition dime
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Carrying the unit horizontally on the gantry allows us to deliver the beam to the material with the minimum distance between the unit and cutting point meaning that the beam length is as short as possible and therefore most efficient.

The Genesis is so versatile that its multi-tool head carries Rotary or fixed blades as well as the Oscillating blade and driven "Pizza Wheel"; this versatility allows a vast range of applications ranging from Pvc sheeting, composites and aramids such as kevlar through to the stringent accuracy required in print finishing

Latest in this line a new Genesis with a length of 25 metres and width of 5 metres has been installed in a leading company in the composites industry. This remarkable machine combined laser and blade cutting and includes a new "on table" spreading beam running in perfect synchronisation with the cutting head

leonardo - gaskets, laminates, technical textiles
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