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When our need is the increase in productivity combined with a search for a better performance of materials the automatic nesting system is the ace up our sleeve.
The best results are achieved through continuous development of various algorithms placement, optimized for different materials and type of production.
In both nesting systems software the cutting files can be saved in many formats: DXF, HPGL, ISO file.

WaveNest: automatic nesting system for textile supplied in sheet or on rolls.

The application determines best strategy to optimize the textile cutting giving maximum efficiency by using different algorithms which administrate the markers and reduce the waste.
The efficiency depends basically on the shapes, on the allowed rotations (none, 180° only, 90° steps, free, etc.) and on the gap required between the parts and between each part and the edge of the material.
All the operations related to the nesting can be made with our program and includes:
  • loading one or more shapes to be placed
  • assign the required quantity
  • assign the material to be used
  • calculate the nesting
  • save the program for the cutting machine
  • get a report of the estimated material consumption and cost.
Orders and material sizes can be imported from external databases or just quickly typed in. WaveNest can optimize the consumption of material of upholstery shapes on fabric rolls.

It is also possible to optimize the consumption material in case of large parts like sails or parachutes on rolls or gaskets on sheets of synthetic material by using a WaveNest special application called TechNest.
TechNest Suite was developed to comply with the different patterns forms with different cutting material. The software contains several functions to speed up the creation of new patterns and which are easy to use and allow to reduce creation time.

LuxuryNest: automatic nesting system for leather.

Optimizing the yield is a topic of great interest when we talk about leather cutting and LuxuryNest software is an automatic nesting which can be successfully used in both systems on line (nesting performed directly on the cutting table) as off line systems, characterized by two different phases: the defects marking and the deployment of the material on the cutting machine. In the off line version, typical of large productions, the automatic nesting is fundamental for the costs reduction.

The automatic nesting is parametrized to comply with all the user's quality and rotation constraints, to get the best yield on the available hides.
LuxuryNest offers many advantages:
  • Reduce manual intervention
  • Combine automatic and interactive optimization
  • Intelligent interaction with the various quality areas (nesting is done automatically, respecting the previously indicated quality zones of leather and patterns)
  • Increase your efficiency and productivity
  • More material across your table in less time with improved results
  • Visualization of the yield of hide before cutting
  • Visualization of the yield of hide before cutting
  • Visualization of the final layout on screen and projected simultaneously on the material laid on the cutting table
  • Access individual nest or total job information at any time making real-time comparisons and cost optimization easily possible
  • Keep your production under control at any time