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MultiHead OT.M.P. IV
The special cutting tool head for the gasket industry

The MultiHead OT.M.P. IV is developed for the gasket industry for cutting of flat gasket materials. Therefore it offers one powerful high-frequency oscillating tool axis.
An integrated laser pointer guarantees the precise positioning of the origin and can be used as a verification device (Pathtrac).
With the standard marking device is suitable for different pens for marking the individual products. Optional available is a second marking device.
All tools are computer-controlled. This enables aligning, cutting, creasing and marking without changing the tools, which increases the throughput and therefore also the profitability of this tool head.
The MultiHead OT.M.P. IV can be fitted with all available MultiHead tools

Motorized stroke adjustment

A powered stroke adjustment increases the maximal material thickness which can be processed to approx. 35 mm. The tool stroke is infinitely variable between 12 mm - 40 mm. This way the stroke can always be optimally adjusted to suit the material thickness. This considerably reduces the waiting times, particularly when processing thin materials.

Choice of material
  • Soft material gaskets
  • fibrous materials
  • graphite-based materials
  • PTFE materials
  • gasket paper
  • Elastic gaskets
  • rubber materials
  • rubber cork materials
  • felt materials
  • foam materials
  • Metal-reinforced gasket
  • graphite-based materials with tanged- or expanded metal insert