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Automatic eye

An intelligent camera system for the exact cutting of printed patterns

The intelligent camera system Automatic Eye with a color camera integrated in the MultiHead IV allows users to get quick and accurate cutting results of printed originals for sample making and mass production.

The camera system identifies and measures freely placable fiducials automatically. It compensates for misalignment, distortion and material growth or shrinkage. Corrected data is sent automatically to the cutting machine.

For testing purposes users can select the simulation mode. This means, the camera follows the cutting contours instead of the cutting tool.

Specifications for Automatic Eye System with MultiHead IV
Camera systemCCD color camera with BNC connector, adjustable lighting with white LEDs, simple handling of the camera focussing by vertical adjustment of the camera at the MultiHead IV; Frame Grabber card, fully integrated control, learning software to identify fiducials automatically
Monitor Live image on the PC monitor shows placing and adjustment of the fiducials and/or in the simulation mode the cutting outlines
Software Control software for measurements, correction and processing of printed originals
Data format HPGL standard compatible
Fiducial Freely placable circular fiducials
Search area Limited by display area of camera
Compensation Of offset, skew, stretch, material growth and shrinkage, etc.
System requirements Windows XP; free PCI-Slot for Frame Grabber card necessary
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