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According to the Customer’s needs the system can be supplied in its on-line or off-line configuration.

koriumjet water jet system
KoriumJet is a water jet system, specifically designed for managing the whole cutting process of leather.
What the market needs today is a modular product, which is able to adapt to all specific exigencies: what we meant to offer is a versatile and flexible system, that aims at getting the best quality of production, a steady control of the data, together with extremely low maintenance costs.

This way we can satisfy different sectors, from apparel to upholstery, from automotive to boat industry, from leather goods to leather shoes.

The water jet is an innovative solution which use only pure water without abrasive or any other substance. That means the water do not dirt the leather and the nozzles do not need frequent change because of the impurities of the abrasive. The jet is so thin that it does not wet the leather and the cut is precise and accurate. The water consumption is reduced and produce a low wear and tear of the components. Therefore the maintenance costs of the waterjet system are low. Koriumjet is built with high quality hp-components of the major reliable brands available on the market world-wide.

KoriumJet can offer complete solutions for the cutting of many kinds of materials, among which various kind of leather, laminates, technical textiles and materials.

Markets: Furniture, Automotive, Technical Textile.

KoriumJet is extremely simple to use, customizable thanks to its modularity, and in the meantime it is able to offer a working accuracy at the highest level.

This is the philosophy that guided the project of KoriumJet, the waterjet system that just aims at excellence.
  • High modularity
  • Optimised and improved production
  • Reduced production costs
  • Constant data check and analysis
  • Very low waste  
  • High cutting speed
  • Granted quality of the output
  • User-friendly and easy accessibility for operator
  • CE certified
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A good scanning is the basis to optimize the leather consumption and minimize waste and obtain the maximum yield from each hide. ScanVision is the ideal off-line solution to scan leather and reach this target. This hide acquisition station is practical and precise. The scanning table has an interchangeable background color where whole hides can be placed and acquired by an over standing high resolution digital camera. The operator inspects each leather and starts pre-mark the flaws and defect areas on the leather which are identified by special colored pen. The contour, holes and quality zones of the hide are automatically detected by the digital camera and the software saves each leather for a later use and the information are stored on the central database for the following nesting and cutting phases. After acquisition, hides are labeled with a barcode to be easily retrieved later. The software can automatically calculate the exact area of the hide, allowing a double-checking with the measure indicated by the supplier, for a better control of the costs.

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LuxuryNest software is an automatic nesting application that respects the previously indicated quality zones of leather and patterns. The software determines best strategy to optimize the cutting and giving best yields and maximum efficiency by using different algorithms. The automatic nesting is parameterized to comply with all the user's quality and rotation constraints, to get the best yield on the available hides.

LuxuryNest offers many advantages:
  • Reduce manual intervention
  • Combine automatic and interactive optimization
  • Intelligent interaction with the various quality areas (nesting is done automatically, respecting the previously indicated quality zones of leather and patterns)
  • Increase your efficiency and productivity
  • More material across your table in less time with improved results
  • Visualization of the yield of hide before cutting
  • Visualization of the final layout on screen and projected simultaneously on the material laid on the cutting table
  • Access individual nest or total job information at any time making real-time comparisons and cost optimization easily possible
  • Keep your production under control at any time
The nesting file is saved as a layout that can be retrieved later during the cutting phase.
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the operator starts the process by reading the bar-code label on the chosen hide and lays this hide out on the table. The contour of the hide together with the patterns nested are projected on the cutting surface and the operator just need to adjust the position of the hide inside the projection. Then the cutting machine software recognizes it and generate the optimal cutting path for the waterjet heads, which is finally sent to the system. In case the nesting has provided for the recovery of part of the hide, the software will print a new barcode to stick on it.
korium water jet system
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