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Pneumatic Cutting Device and Pneumatic Cutting Device 2T - Surface guided with high cutting depth

The Pneumatic Cutting Device cuts tough and stiff material, such as PVC sheeting or high intensity reflective vinyl which require high cutting forces. The necessary cutting pressure is regulated by compressed air and depends on the material to be cut. The cutting depth is adjustable infinitely variable and it is limited by a material down holder

The Pneumatic Cutting Device 2T is suited particularly for tough and stiff material, such as laminate or conceal original, which shall be cut and die cut in one operation. Two separate controllable cutting depths can be adjusted directly at the blade holder. The material shall be cut off completely

A focused precision laser beam does not only serve as guide for exact positioning of the starting point, but it can also be used for the safe PathTracTM simulation of the cutting path, and with its assistance and the patented Print‘n’Cut procedure (included) even skewed or distorted materials can be worked on with full precision.
For those two cutting devices various blades, ball point refills and perforating needles are available.
Optional pneumatic marking device to mark or label the production pieces, without tool change

  • tangentially control
  • cutting depth is adjustable infinitely variable for standard version
  • two separate controllable cutting depths are adjustable infinitely variable for 2T version
  • pressure air down force regulation
  • integrated laser pointer (Print 'n' Cut System), as origin pointer, fitting-in assistant and for the simulation mode

Choice of material
  • Sign vinyl
  • Sandblast vinyl
  • Flock
  • Reflective sheetings
  • Preprinted and transfer vinyl films
  • Membrane switchboards
  • Masking films
  • Cardboards, paper
  • Metal foil (such as copper)
  • and others
The material thickness depends on the processed material, max. up to approx. 1.4 mm.
Dual mode device