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Aristo projection

Simply fitting in without measuring

With the new beamer system ARISTOprojection, the processing of remnants becomes very simple. This task can be finished in only three steps:
  • call up the outline to be cut via the PC-software ARISTO Cutter Control Panel. At the same time the beamer system displays the full-size outline on the cutting area of the ARISTOMAT.
  • place a suitable remnant
  • start the cutting process --- finished simple, quick, reliable
simple no calculations or estimations
quick no time-consuming fitting, no trial run necessary.
reliable the piece is cut exactly as projected on the material.

The optimal utilisation of remnants is an important contribution towards cost reduction, particularly with very expensive materials. Particularly with irregularly shaped pieces, it is often difficult to judge, whether the size of the remnant is sufficient for the outline to be cut. This is no problem with the ARISTOprojection system. The cutting outlines are projected 1:1 onto the material on the ARISTOMAT. Not only is the optimal material utilisation made easier, but the number of production steps and –times are considerably reduced. The ARISTOprojection system can also be used as a control system, to make sure that the plot data and material alignment have been correctly set.

System requirements
ARISTOMAT of the series TL or GL with ARISTO software Cutter Control Panel
free USB 2.0 Port at the Plotter-PC
ceiling height min. 3 m

Projector - technical data
Voltage 200 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1,6 A100 - 120 V, 50/60 Hz, 3,2 A
Resolution 1024 x 768 XGA
Brightness 2500 ANSI lumens
Projection screen 1275 mm x 1700 mm with ceiling height 3 m and table top height 840 mm (ARISTOMAT TL)resp. 810 (ARISTOMAT GL)
Objective reduction factor 0,66
Noise level 34 dB
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