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Aristomat TL

High Speed Cutter of the new Generation.

With the presentation of the ARISTOMAT TL, ARISTO sets even higher standards on automatic production of flat gasket materials.

Newly designed cutting table
It impresses with its clear design and concentration on the essentials: a work surface which is accessible from all sides, extremely robust crossbar with minimal overhang at the sides. At the same time the modern technologies remain unseen: strong AC-servomotors enable high through-put and the revolutionary CANBus- steering technology reduces the number of mechanical parts. Powerful vacuum technique The flawless vacuum technique with matrix zones, holds even small remaining bits of material firmly on the work surface.

Material transport
To automate the processing, the machines can be supplemented with a revolving conveyor.

Simple operating
The CutterControlPanel Software offers totally new possibilities of user guidance. The user has all information on cutting data on the PC-screen and controls all processing functions comfortably by mouseclick.
ARISTOMAT TL High Speed Cutter of the new Generation Essential functions such as manual control or setting of origin can be carried out from any point of the cutter by means of a mobile control pad.

Multi-functional tool heads
for oscillating cutting, fixed cutting, scratching, creasing, marking...without having to carry out a tool change.. With up to three tangentially-steered tool axis and one or two marking modules to hold various pens, the MultiHead IV offers all of this. This variety of possibilities for material processing can be supplemented with an integrated colour camera for the automatic measuring system Automatic Eye and the combination of a high-frequency routing spindle with a controlled z-axis.

So can, for example, a printed material panel be measured by the Automatic Eye system and subsequently cut out exactly on the outlines.

  • Conveyor system
  • Material clamp system
  • Ultrasonics collision shut-off
  • PC table
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TL 131O-8TL 1617-8TL 1625-8
Outer dimensions (WxLxH)*mm 1920 x 1760 x 1140 2220 x 2420 x 11402220 x 3220 x 1140
Max. Work area (WxL)** mm 1300 x 1000 1600 x 1700 1600 x 2500
Speed max. 1130 mm/s (67.88 m/min), adjustable via software CutterControlPanel
Acceleration max. 11.3 m/s2, adjustable via software CutterControlPanel
Input buffer PC controlled
Suitable for material thickness, max. 46 mm
Static repeatability, ± 0.02 mm
Control circuit and drives, Digital AC servo motors
Data format, HPGL compatible, with extended command set
Vacuum 1.1 kW, 3 kW or 5.5 pump system adjustable matrix vacuum zones kW 3 kW or 5.5 kW pump system adjustable matrix vacuum zones5.5 kW or 2 x 5.5 kWpump system adjustable matrix vacuum zones
Voltage, 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 16 A with a 1,1 kW pump system; 3-phase fixed connection, 400 V, 50 Hz or 460 V, 60 Hz; 16 A with 3 kW,20 A with 5.5 kW or 32 A with 2x 5.5 pump system
Interface, RS 232C/V.24
Operating, Universal control software CutterControlPanel for Windows XP; multilingual: English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Czech, other languages on request. Mobile control pad.
Safety / Certification, CE-label; Emergency stop; Light barrier; Collision shut-off